Custom Cover Options

Equip offers custom covers for a wide range of applications, for both indoor and outdoor environments. We sew all of our covers here in Colorado Springs, Colorado and as a domestic sewn products manufacturer we are able to turn around products quickly, maintain outstanding quality control and also deliver in whatever qty’s our customer’s need. We are happy to offer sample/prototype services so our customers can test out and make sure the fit and finish is to their specifications. We offer a “lockable cover” option where we sew in lockable cables allowing the cover to be effectively secured to whatever equipment or display it’s covering. While not a guarantee of preventing tampering (let’s face it, if someone really wants to damage a fabric cover and/or cut their way in to steal something really no fabric can hold up to that, even kevlar- we’ve tested it), but our covers offer a great theft deterrent and a cost effective protective device. We can silkscreen , heat transfer or embroider company logos onto our covers upon request. We offer full customization of our covers both in fabric selection, size, shape, and additional materials including zippers, webbing, grommets (metal eyelets) and more.

We are REALLY good at making large custom covers that go over “stuff”. We are not really good at making very intricate small sewn items and/or clothing. That’s just not our specialty! We’re happy to recommend additional resources if that’s what you are in need of though as we have alot of connections / contacts within the sewn products world here in Colorado. Below is our production team during the design and sewing processes of custom cover manufacturing.