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About Us

Equip, Inc. was founded in 1999 with the goal of manufacturing durable, effective fabric security covers in the US at competitive rates. Our manufacturing roots have informed our company values as reflected in our core team! We are a down to earth, approachable, common sense group of “doers” who focus on delivering a quality product that exceeds customer expectations. This approach has helped us become the leading supplier nationwide of custom covers. We’ve built on our relationships with retailers, display manufacturers and concessionaires and now supply a wide range of FF&E items including commercial furniture/site amenities for public spaces. Our cover manufacturing roots have shaped our company culture and given us a down to earth approach in how we do business. We like to keep things straightforward with a focus on product quality, competitive rates, and responsive and friendly customer service.

The Team

Scott, President

Scott assists with Equip’s day to day operations and focuses on the improve and grow side of the business. When he’s not driving staff crazy pushing to do more, better, faster he can be found mountain biking, windsurfing and tinkering with stuff.

Scott graduated from U.C. Boulder with a B.A. in English and worked as an advertising copywriter before starting Equip. Click here to email Scott

Beki, Office Manager

Beki loves making our customers happy and going the extra distance to help them out. In addition to managing day to day operations at Equip Beki is also Equip’s resident car repair consult having worked in the auto repair industry for many years. Beki holds an AAS in Accounting, an AAS in Business Administration a BA degree in Technical Management and is currently working on her MBA. Outside of work and school, Beki loves to relax and spend time with her family.  Click here to email Beki.

Julie, Production Leader

Julie has been with Equip for 9 years and embodies the heart and soul of the company. She is a talented seamstress, our own “mama bear”, and her hard work and willlingess to go above and beyond has saved the day on numerous occasions. Julie is a  mother and grandmother, and enjoys spending time with her family and all of her animals as much as possible. She is to Equip what sunshine is to flowers and she helps us all grow and be better people everyday. We love our Julie Joy!

Adrienne, Seamstress / Designer 

Adrienne moved with her family to Colorado from Europe 15 years ago where she grew up stitching and sewing with her mother and grandmother learning the craft at a young age. At Equip, she enjoys working with and learning from people who share the same creative interests and pushing herself to grow and learn all the time. Adrienne loves to get alot done in a day and can often be seen running with fabric – but never scissors thank goodness. Adrienne brings creative ideas and is the consumate team player with a positive “can do” atttitude that makes working with her a pleasure.

Maria, Seamstress                                    

Maria has been a very welcome addition to our sewing team and brings her kindness, top notch sewing skills and friendly personality to the office everyday. We are so happy to have Maria on our team and appreciate her consistent work quality, and her easygoing, friendly attitude.

Joseph, Stitcher, Cutter

Joseph is a great sewer and cutter and helps the rest of the production team with everything. Joseph brings a calm, stready, good natured attitude to work and has become a key member of our team. When he’s not at work Joseph enjoys leaping tall buildings and fighting crime. We are happy to have Joseph back from his recent visit with family in Korea and are giving him more and more work to tackle! We appreciate his easy going manner and helpful attitude!

Sonia, Account Executive

Sonia specializes in pricing/quoting/admin support at Equip. She received her B.A. in Communications at UCCS where she was a Kane Academic Scholar, served on the Latino Student Union and graduated with honors. Sonia has volunteered at National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and in her free time enjoys tennis, reading and drawing. We are lucky to have Sonia and all she brings to the company! Click here to email Sonia

Tamara, Business Development San Diego 

Tamara is a great connector and loves helping people. As a long time San Diego resident with a background working in the restaurant industry Tamara is excited about the opportunity to build business in the region and to connect with local restaurant owners. Tamara will be attending California Restaurant Association meetings on behalf of Equip.

Aida, Intern  The newest member of our team, Aida is doing an internship with Equip while she’s finishing school at UCCS. We keep putting more on her plate as she continues to quickly adapt, learn and grow. She’s also awesome on the phone so we’re having her help with outreach. We look forward to having Aida continue to grow into role with Equip!