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Indoor and Outdoor

Equip, Inc. is the premier treadmill cover supplier for indoor and outdoor treadmill covers. Our outdoor treadmill covers protect against the elements as well as dust and debris. Equip's indoor treadmill covers are ideal for protecting equipment from dust, pets and other potential indoor hazards.

We manufacture our treadmill covers locally in the U.S. and offer standard and custom size non-folding treadmill covers, and folding treadmill covers. If you are looking for a cover to protect your home treadmill or have treadmill machines in your gym, hotel or school and are looking for a cost effective way to protect your equipment, give us a call! We offer custom silkscreening services as well to brand / identify your covers.  


Equip, Inc. Treadmill Covers

Outdoor Treadmill Cover

Indoor Custom Treadmill Covers =

$189 + $75 customization fee

Outdoor Custom Treadmill Covers =

$199 + $75 customization fee

*Prices may vary based on fabric and sizing

Indoor Standard Treadmill Cover

 = $189

Outdoor Standard Treadmill Cover

 = $199


Outdoor Folding Treadmill Cover Outdoor Non-Folding Treadmill Cover

Outdoor Folding Treadmill Cover

Outdoor Non-Folding Treadmill Cover

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Custom sizing

Brands our covers work with:                                          

  • We make custom folding treadmill covers and non-folding treadmill covers to meet your specifications!

  • To get started on a custom treadmill cover, we will ask for front, side, and back images of your machine. From those images we will diagram which dimensions we need from you in order to design a custom cover! 

  • When contacting us, please specify if you will store the treadmill in a folded, or non-folded position.

  • Get started on your custom treadmill cover with a free quote!

  • Bowflex

  • Cybex
  • Kettler
  • Livestrong
  • NordicTrack
  • Pacemaster
  • Precor
  • ProForm
  • Sole
  • Spirit
  • Technogym
  • True Fitness



"I just wanted to let you know that I got the treadmill cover and it is great! I am very impressed by the craftsmanship -- it fits perfectly, the fabric is sturdy but not too heavy, and the zipper and sewing look very durable. It is a cover which is clearly designed to last for years. Thanks!"

 -Jesse Sanders, Maryland

Treadmill Cover Outdoors


Equip Treadmill Covers Offer the Following Benefits and Features

  • Zipper along front right side for easy removal and enclosure.

  • Drawstring along bottom seam with a durable cord and cord lock so you can pull the bottom closed.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Fabric Options

  • Indoor Fabric: Our indoor fabric is a 210D lightweight Nylon available in White, Black, or Charcoal Grey.

  • Outdoor Fabric: We use proprietary outdoor fabric called  V-Care, available in Grey and Black. V-Care is a 9 oz. Poly-Vinyl blend that is UV/mold/mildew resistant, water resistant, anti-static and pliable so it doesn't get rigid in colder temperatures.


Standard Size Treadmill Cover


Curious about our fabrics?

As a fabric cover manufacturer, Equip knows how important the fabric is! Follow the link to learn more about our indoor and outdoor fabrics.



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