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Simple After-Hours Merchandise Protection Solutions

Equip, Inc. is the preferred custom security curtain and curtain barrier supplier for mall specialty leasing agents, retail shop owners and tradeshow display manufacturers. Our security curtains discourage tampering and theft of merchandise during non-business hours while allowing quick shop close-up.

Security curtains and curtain barriers are a perfect solution for pop up shops, tradeshow displays and retail areas under construction. Best of all, these Equip custom curtain solutions can be set up in minutes to easily secure a location and merchandise. Logos and graphics can be added for promotion and branding purposes!

What is the difference between a security curtain and a curtain barrier?

Both solutions are designed to quickly secure a tradeshow booth or retail space from tampering and theft by screening off the area. Either entrance security option can be enhanced by promotional graphics to provide additional advertising after hours. The key difference in product is that security curtains provide additional theft protection measures in terms of locks and security cabling. These security cables then attach to the display or store entrance to further deter theft and tampering. This is often a desirable solution when displays house large amount of merchandise or high price point product.



Equip, Inc. Curtain Barrier Covers

Merchandise Display Uncovered Curtain Barrier Cover
Merchandise curtain barrier cover stored during business hours Merchandise protected after hours by curtain barrier cover



Pricing and Sizing


  • Pricing is based on the dimensions of the area being covered and the materials needed to create your barrier curtain. All we typically need is the length, width and height of your space to design and manufacture a custom curtain!
  • Our team will work with you to understand your security needs and determine the best curtain solution for your display or shop entrance.
  • Contact us today for a free quote!
  • Leave your display and merchandise assembled and protected every night to save time and hassle.
  • Our curtain barriers are easy to install and are designed to conveniently roll to the side for discrete storage during store operations. 
  • Equip's curtain barriers are custom designed to fit your merchandise display!
  • Custom logo silk screening is available to promote and advertise your brand after-hours.



"We’ve saved hours of labor each week by utilizing the Security Curtain at our tanning salon which is open 24/7.  Since the tanning salon is not staffed 24/7, we previously had to remove the merchandise and secure it in storage.  Now, all the staff has to do is close the security screen, lock it, and they are finished!"

-Johnson Global, 2012

Locking Security Cable



About Our Work

All Equip, Inc. covers and curtains are Made in the USA here at our shop in Colorado with the highest quality workmanship, materials and customer service, guaranteed. The team at Equip, Inc. proudly partners with you through the life of your product. We warranty our work for a full year unlike the competition, then offer repairs as needed at reasonable rates! Learn more about the Equip, Inc. quality guarantee!



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