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Equip, Inc. is your quality-guaranteed manufacturer of custom Retail Merchandising Unit "RMU" covers for any size, shape, or model of RMU. Equip RMU covers deter theft and prevent tampering by fully enclosing your RMU to protect merchandise after business hours. Our custom covers account for signage, shelving, and lighting for a great fitting and long lasting RMU cover!

Equip has a long history working with malls, display fabricators, Specialty Leasing Agents, retailers and marketing companies to provide the best security cover solutions to protect any size or style of RMU and merchandise display.Contact Equip for all of your Specialty Leasing / Cart and Kiosk Cover needs. Our covers simply perform better and last longer!

Equip, Inc. RMU Covers

Custom RMU Cover RMU Cover with logo
RMU Cover RMU Covers with logos


Equip Cover Styles

Pricing and sizing

  • Wrap-Around Style Covers
    • For RMUs (Retail Merchandising Units), MRU's in Canada!, retail kiosks, push carts
  • Over-the-Top Style Covers
    • For freestanding electronic kiosks, carts, merchandise displays, fixtures, equipment, etc.
  • Panel Style Covers
    • For shelving, displays, inline fixtures
  • Security Curtain Style 
    • For intrusion barriers, room separation, partitioning, shelving, fixtures, etc.

Equip, Inc. generates pricing based on the dimensions of your unit, and the materials and features desired.

Check out our Cover Options page to see what features can be included with your custom cover!

Email or call us with your length, width and height dimensions to get started on a free quote!



RMU Cover Sizing

RMU Cover Pricing

  • Equip typically manufactures RMU covers in a "wrap-around style," with security cables along the top and bottom seams, and a lockable YKK zipper along one side. Grommet attachment points are also available for wrap-around covers. Customers can use their own locks to secure their covers, or Equip can provide keyed-alike padlocks for an additional fee.
  • **All of Equip's wrap-around covers use security cables or grommets that attach to eyelet hooks previously installed on the RMU. Equip can supply up to 8 eyelet hooks for just $5 to customers who need to install hooks to an RMU or cart without previously installed hooks.
  • Click here for a slideshow about retail display cover styles and photos!
  • At Equip, we price our custom RMU covers based on the dimensions of the unit, and the materials required (i.e. security cables versus grommets). We also offer quantity discounts!
  • To ensure accurate sizing, Equip asks that customers complete an RMU Measurement Guide, and an Eyelet or Grommet Measurement Guide. These forms can be found below, and are also available upon inquiry.
  • If you have line drawings of your RMU, please include them in your order request so that Equip can use those during the design process as well!


CLICK HERE For RMU Measurement Guide

CLICK HERE For Eyelet Measurement Guide

CLICK HERE For Grommet Placement Guide

"Equip, Inc. is quality all the way around. Their service is impeccable and the quality of their RMU covers has set the standard for the retail industry. We have been working with Equip, Inc. since 2003 and they have consistently done an excellent job for us. They are responsive & communicative on new orders, replacements, and repairs. Their attention to customers’ needs in product and service are remarkable."   

Sand Mountain, Inc. 

RMU Cover

Retail Covers for Shopping Centers Undergoing Redevelopment and Construction 


Equip, Inc. is the premier manufacturer of custom covers designed to protect shopping mall RMUs, retail kiosks, electronic kiosks, displays, carts, lighting, and signage during redevelopment and construction phases. Our redevelopment covers are designed to keep your retail displays clean and safe by preventing dust and debris from getting into wiring, crevices and lighting fixtures.


Protect your investments and get started on your order of redevelopment covers today!


Equip, Inc. Shopping Mall Redevelopment Covers


Mall Redevelopment Cover Construction Phase Dust Cover
Mall Redevelopment Cover Construction Phase Dust Cover



 Pricing and Sizing


  • Pricing is based on the dimensions of your unit and the fabric and materials required. All we typically need are the length, width and height to get started on a custom cover design!
  • Our "top only" covers, as shown in the picture, offer the most cost effective option for protecting exposed components, including signage and lighting systems that are vulnerable to overhead and ceiling work during redevelopment and construction phases.
  • Get started on a free quote today!
Download Our Redevelopment Cover Measuring Guide Here
  • Equip, Inc. redevelopment covers are an effective and affordable option to protect your displays and are also a great way to protect carts and displays in storage.
  • Equip redevelopment covers are designed to fit over the top of your cart to fully enclose and protect the display unit, offering maximum protection against wear, dust, and debris.
  • Dust, debris, and environmental hazards can greatly damage machinery, equipment, and other property. Dust can get into gears, moving parts, and electrical components causing harm over time. Our custom dust covers protect your indoor and outdoor equipment from potential damage and extends the life of your equipment.




"It has been my pleasure dealing with a knowledgeable and considerate sales staff that really takes care of their customers."

-Larry Schibilla, IL, 2012






About Equip, Inc.


Equip, Inc. is proud to manufacture our custom security covers in the U.S.  Learn more about Equip, Inc. and the Equip team here!

Don't Forget our High Reach Hooks! Available In Our Store Under The "Buy Now" Tab. Our hooks make it easier for tenants to install/remove the cover without a step stool!

RMU Extendable High Reach Hook

The Cover Style for You

As an RMU and kiosk cover manufacturer for over 15 years, Equip knows there is a wide range of RMU and kiosk styles requiring a variety of custom cover designs. Check out our "Types of Retail Security Covers" blog to learn more about the styles of retail covers Equip, Inc. can offer.

Specialty Leasing Accessories

Replacement Parts and Accessories for RMU, Kiosk and Merchandise Display Covers


High-Reach Extension Hook

$11.99 each

High-Reach HookInstalling a kiosk or RMU cover can be challenging if the eyelets are beyond your reach. Moreover, standing on a bar stool to reach the eyelets on the top of your kiosk or RMU can be dangerous, and creates extra wear on your bar stool.

Our extendable high-reach hook eliminates the need to stand on a stool by easily reaching to the top of your kiosk or RMU and attaching your cover to the eyelets. The high-reach hook adjusts in length from 2’ ¾” to 5’. With a sturdy, durable chrome hook and comfortable wooden handle, our high-reach hook is the perfect accessory for tenants needing a little extra reach to install their kiosk or RMU cover.


Security Cables

Top or Bottom Cable $11.00 each

Please enter length needed

Cable Set $19.00

Top length needed
Bottom length needed


Equip can install security cables into any of our covers as a deterent to theft and tampering. Our security cables are sewn into the bottom seams of our over-the-top covers, and into the top and bottom seams of our wrap-around covers. The cables then lock to the zipper loop with a padlock, available upon request for only $8. 

Cable Specifications: Our cables have a 1/8" diameter, and are coated with clear PVC, making them flexible and easy to work with. We use copper crimps, rather than aluminum, for superior grip strength, and cut our cable in-house, so we can cut them to the exact size you require! Adding a cable typically adds about $10 more per security cable to the cost of a cover. We also provide heavy weight cables upon request, which are 3/16" in diameter. These generally add $14 more to the cost of a cover.

Security Cables Security Cables



$12.00 each

Colors Available:


Equip is proud to use heavy duty YKK® zippers. We sew the zipper along one side of the cover, from the top down, for easy removal and enclosure. We attach cable loops to the zipper pull tabs, so you can easily lock your zipper to the security cables using a padlock. 

Zipper Specifications: For wrap-around covers, we use 120" #10 YKK® separating zippers. For over-the-top covers, we use #10 YKK® coil continuous chain zippers. Each zipper adds $20 to the cost of a cover and multiple zippers can be sewn into our covers as needed.

Replacement Zippers

Replacement Zippers



Keyed-Alike Padlocks

$8.50 each


To lock and secure your kiosk or RMU cover, we offer Master Lock padlocks. These padlocks are keyed alike for extra convenience, allowing your or your tenants to use one master key to open several padlocks.


Open Ended Eyelet Hooks

$0.75 each

Open Ended Eyelet

Open ended eyelets can be installed in your kiosk or RMU allowing you to easily attach your security cover to the eyelets. The cables in the security covers lock onto the eyelets, thereby preventing your security cover from sagging and deterring theft.


Private Label Manufacturing

For wholesale customers, we offer private label manufacturing for custom covers. We can sew your embroidered labels directly onto the covers upon request. We also offer blind shipping to your customers. We ship all orders from our office directly to your customers to speed up delivery. Contact us at 719.599.0300 for more information!

Custom Cover Fabric Selections 

Indoor and Outdoor Fabrics to Meet Your Requirements

Indoor Fabrics

210 Nylon

Our most popular indoor fabric this versatile fabric is to Fire Retardent, lightweight yet durable andbest suited for protecting equipment against dust and debris in indoor settings. If a slightly heavier fabric is needed, Equip also carries a 500D polyester fabric for indoor use.

We stock this fabric in Charcoal Gray, White, and Black. Custom colors available upon request!

Charcoal Grey 210D Nylon

Charcoal Grey

210D Nylon

Black 210D Nylon


210D Nylon

White 210D Nylon


210D Nylon


500D Polyester

Durable 500D is a great option when a more robust and abrassion resistant fabric is required.This is a good option for more static covers that remain in place and do not need to be removed and stored each nght. (This fabric is thicker and less compactible than our 210D and takes up a bit more room when being stored). If you need a tough fabric that holds up well to wear and tear this is a great indoor fabric option.

500D Polyester


500D Polyester

White 500D Polyester


500D Polyester


Outdoor Fabrics

Any structures that will be exposed to variable elements and temperatures may require outdoor fabric covers. A few products Equip uses outdoor fabric for include:

  • Outdoor Cart / Kiosk / Retail Merchandise Displays and Fixtures
  • Outdoor Construction Equipment such as Scissor / Aerial LIfts
  • Fitness Equipment Stored / Used on Decks and Patios
  • Outdoor Firepit, Grill and Cooking Space Covers
  • Equipment and machinery covers


For a great blend of outdoor protective quality and a durable, long lasting fabric weave we recommend our Speclok fabric. This material is water/mold/mildew/UV resistant and provides years of productive use in the elements. Available in a wide array of colors to meet your needs. We stock this fabric in black, navy blue, grey and tan and offer it in additional colors as well upon request. Happy to send you a fabric sample of our Speclok upon request free of charge just send us an email request with details of which color you would like a sample of!

  • Weather-resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Mold, Mildew Resistant
  Navy Blue           Tan            Black



 Our most weather resistant fabric for security covers is our proprietary "V-Care" material which we have custom woven to our specs. V-Care is a 9 oz. poly-vinyl fabric that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. V-Care is a malleable, satin finish fabric that makes it easy to take on and off units. V-Care is available in Grey and Black. V-Care offers many protective properties including:  

Black V-Care

Grey V-Care

  • Weather-resistant
  • Fire Retardant (meets CPAI-84 and NFPA-701 fire codes)
  • UV Resistant
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Anti-Static

Please see our FAQ page for detailed care instructions.



Equip also offers an outdoor fabric called Starfire, and as a 15 oz. poly-cotton fabric, it is the heaviest fabric Equip carries. While not as malleable as the V-care fabric, Starfire is known to be sturdy and lasting.

Starfire offers the following protective properties:

  • Fire retardant (meets CPAI-84 and NFPA-701 fire codes)
  • Water-resistant
  • Soil resistant
  • Mildew resistant

Because of its weight and stiffness, Starfire is best for covers that will stay on for long periods of time. A great use of the Starfire fabric might be for heavy machinery with sharp points, like a garden tiller, that will be stored for seasonal periods.

Black Starfire Outdoor Fabric


Pearl Grey Outdoor Starfire Fabric

  Pearl Grey


Cordura 600D Foam Padded

For specialty uses like storing fragile items and glass casing storage, our foam padded polyester is Cordura 600D Textured Polyester, a durable water repellent fabric that is both urethane coated and laminated open cell foam. This fabric is at .1875" thickness and the Cordura tricot backing ensures material durability during use. Available in Charcoal Grey. A few products that this fabric can be used for include

    • Modular kiosk glass case storage (when not in use)
    • Seasonal mall displays
    • Travelling displays during transportation

600 Cordura Foam Padded Fabric - Side View

Cordura 600D Foam Padded Poly - Side View

600 Cordura Foam Padded Fabric - Tricot Backing

Cordura 600D Foam Padded Poly - Tricot Backing

Special Order Colors

Equip is able to special order fabric colors for the 210D nylon indoor fabric and the outdoor Starfire. However, these special order fabrics are not treated to be fire retardant and will add additional lead time to orders. Please contact Equip at 719.599.0300 or info@equipinc.com to learn what colors are available.  


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