Commercial Sun Sails for Public Spaces 

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Sun SailShades are a great option for shading a large area and keeping your patrons/guests cool, comfortable and safe. Sun shades come in a wide array of sizes, shapes and configurations including custom sizes made to fit your space requirements. Whether you need shading for an adventure park, amusement park, museum, shopping center, commercial building, local restaurant, bar or cafe, shade sails are a great way to shade your space effectively and affordably. Plus when done right they look pretty great. 

It's important to keep in mind that not all Sun Sails/Shades are made the same. Doing a quick search online you can certainly find many inexpensive "consumer quality" shade sails, however the majority of these products are NOT intended for commercial use! There is a vast difference in materials, construction, fit and finish between consumer grade shade sails and Commercial Grade shade sails.

If you are looking for high quality shade sails which will look great in your space (you'll want your sails to be taut so they look and perform at their best), which won't sag, buckle or rip and which will give you years of trouble free service, then you will want to get a high quality "commercial grade" product.Tenshon

We recommend commercial grade shade sails manufactured by TENSHON company, in Mesa, 

The folks at TENSHON make the process of selecting commercial grade shades simple, straight forward, easy. They produce shades in standard and custom sizes and offer a variety of color options. All necessary hardware items (wire cable, pulleys, turnbuckles, shackles etc.) are available on their site. And they offer clear insructions on how to install your TENSHON shades. 

Here are just a few helpful links from their site:

Shade Sail Options: 

Shade Sail Hardware:  
(We recommend paying a little more for "Stainless" so you don't have to worry about corrosion.)

Shade Sail Installation: 

Below are a couple TENSHON restaurant installation photos:

sun shade sail restaurants colorado equip inc.

Photo credit: TENSHON 

sun shade sail restaurants colorado equip inc.

Photo credit: TENSHON website 


Commercial Unbrellas / Cantilever Shading
If you're in in the market for commercial grade umbrellas for your public space, Equip is a great resource.

As an authorized dealer for Tuuci, Emuamericas and Beafurn, Equip offers top quality commercial grade products at a competitive price. See examples below of Umbrella and Cantilever Shade options for your public space.

Image result for tuuci logo

TUUCI has been creating innovative, unique and stylish shade platforms for over 20 years. Their products have incredibly durable,100% replaceable parts for a long product lifespan. Tuuci shade solutions can be seen at high end resorts, hotels and other public venues worldwide. TUUCI offers umcompromising style and quality. 

Tuuci® Ocean Master Hexagon ShadeTuuci® Ocean Master Manta Shade

TU - Ocean Master Hexagon                               TU - Ocean Master Manta Shade

Image result for tuuci umbrellaImage result for tuuci umbrella

TU - Ocean Master Cantilever                     TU - Cantilever Umbrella     

Image result for tuuci umbrella           Tuuci® Stationary Umbrella Stand

 TU - Mobile Umbrella Stand                  TU - Stationary Umbrella Stand

                                        Image result for emuamericas logo

EMUAMERICAS combines tradition, technology, and contemporary design, producing practical and comfortable seating solutions.Designed for practicality, emu® chairs and tables easily stack and fold. These products support heavy duty use common to the foodservice, hospitality and corporate markets and many of their products are available for quick ship. See shade solutions from emu® below: 

 Shade Shade

               EMU Shade 980                                           EMU Shade 986 

Shade        Shade

 EMU Shade 981                                                           EMU Shade 982

Shade BaseShade BaseShade Base

         EMU Base 925                            EMU Base 927                       EMU Base 928


                                                                   Image result for beaufurn logo

BEAUFURN is committed to producing sustainable designs through its practices, processes and materials. Woods are FSC certified, foams are soy-based and finish options include water-based lacquers. Upholstery selections include biodegradable synthetic leather, recycled fabric or 100 percent natural and renewable cork. Beaufurn provides high quality commercial furniture that is environmentally responsible and will fit a variety of budgets, projects and design needs. The Beaufurn factory is located in North Carolina, the heart of U.S.A. furniture manufacturing. 

 P6-UNO-Square All Weather Umbrella


Voila  Umbrella

BEAU Voila

P6-Quattro-Square All Weather Umbrella

BEAU- P6 Quattro

 Veneto Umbrella

BEAU - Veneto


Image result for wabash valley logo

WABASH VALLEY offers durable and affordable umbrellas made with fiberglass ribs and a spun acrylic fabric. 


6-Rib Quick Ship Umbrella7.5' Aluminum Umbrella Perforated PatternGarden Umbrella - Textilene Fabric
WAB - Cafe Umbrellas and Stands










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