Space Design and Configuration Services

Equip can help simplify the process of ordering commercial furniture for your space by offering space rendering and product in photo services.

When we do a rendering we will show what specific furniture items would look like in a space. This is a great feature when you are undergoing a full renovation of your space and need to "see" what different options might look like in your new space.

Take a look at the rendering example below showing a mall food court image and a rendering of that image with a different style of chair and table in the rendering as selected by the customer:








Custom Cover Options

Equip offers custom covers for a wide range of applications, for both indoor and outdoor environments. We sew all of our covers here in Colorado Springs, Colorado and as a domestic sewn products manufacturer we are able to turn around products quickly, maintain outstanding quality control and also deliver in whatever qty's our customer's need. We are happy to offer sample/prototype services so our customers can test out and make sure the fit and finish is to their specifications. We offer a "lockable cover" option where we sew in lockable cables allowing the cover to be effectively secured to whatever equipment or display it's covering. While not a guarantee of preventing tampering (let's face it, if someone really wants to damage a fabric cover and/or cut their way in to steal something really no fabric can hold up to that, even kevlar- we've tested it), but our covers offer a great theft deterrent and a cost effective protective device. We can silkscreen , heat transfer or embroider company logos onto our covers upon request. We offer full customization of our covers both in fabric selection, size, shape, and additional materials including zippers, webbing, grommets (metal eyelets) and more.

We are REALLY good at making large custom covers that go over "stuff". We are not really good at making very intricate small sewn items and/or clothing. That's just not our specialty! We're happy to recommend additional resources if that's what you are in need of though as we have alot of connections / contacts within the sewn products world here in Colorado. Below are some of the features of our standard covers:

Security Cables

Equip can install security cables in all of our covers as a deterrent to theft and tampering. These security cables are sewn into the bottom seams of our over-the-top covers, and into the top and bottom seams of our wrap-around covers.  The cables then lock to the zipper with a padlock

Cable Specifications: Our cables have a 1/8" diameter, and are coated with clear PVC, making them flexible and easy to work with. We use copper crimps, and cut our cable in-house, so we can cut them to the size you require! Adding a cable typically adds about $10 more per security cable to the cost of a cover.  We also provide heavy cables upon request, which are 3/16" diameter. These generally add $14 more to the cost of a cover.

Security Cables Security Cables



Equip is proud to use YKK zippers. We sew the zipper along one side of the cover, from the top down, for easy removal and enclosure. Equip attaches cable loops to the zipper pull tabs which can lock with your cables using a padlock. 

Zipper Specifications: For wrap-around covers, we use 120" #10 YKK separating zippers. For over-the-top covers, we use #10 YKK coil continuous chain zippers. Each zipper adds $20 to the cost of a cover and multiple zippers can be sewn into our covers as needed.

Lockable Zipper

Lockable Zipper



Self-Storage Bag

We also provide the option of an attached storage bag for convenient storage of your security cover. The storage bags are made of the same material as the security covers and are light weight and compactible.

Storage Bag Specifications: For wrap-around covers, the standard storage bag includes handles and a drawstring. These bags add $12 to the cost of a cover. For over-the-top covers, the tower size storage bag includes a drawstring. The tower bags add $8 to the cost of a cover. For larger covers, we provide duffel bags that have the same characteristics as the standard storage bag, but are larger in size. All of Equip's storage bags include a white label on which our production staff writes the cover style and pattern number. We assign each custom cover a pattern number and file our patterns in a system that allows for easy re-ordering.  

Storage Bag

Standard Sized Storage Bag


Quantity Discounts

Equip offers quantity discounts when multiples of the same style of cover are ordered at one time. Our quantity discount is typically as follows:

5+ covers = 5% discount

10+ covers = 10% discount

20+ covers = 15% discount

Please contact Equip for additional information and inquires.


"Equip, Inc. is quality all the way around.  Their service is impeccable and the quality of their RMU covers has set the standard for the retail industry.  We have been working with Equip, Inc. since 2003 and they have consistently done an excellent job for us.  They are responsive & communicative on new orders, replacements, and repairs.  Their attention to customers’ needs in product and service are remarkable."   

Sand Mountain, Inc. 


Security Cover Repair Services

Repair Parts

 Equip, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of kiosk and RMU covers, and we also offer comprehensive cover repair services. Equip will repair any cover, regardless of the make, model, or manufacturer! Cover repairs improve the appearance of your kiosk covers, RMU covers and merchandising display covers to extend their usable lifespan.

Please call or email us with any questions!

Cover Repair Pricing:

Prices are based on labor time plus cost of materials. Simply ship your damaged cover(s) to us and we will repair damaged zippers, compromised fabric, and cable assemblies. We can invoice you for any repairs made, or we can provide an estimate before starting repair work. We can repair as many or as few items as you would like!

Ship Damaged Covers To:

Equip, Inc.
Attn: Repairs
646 Elkton Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(Please include your return shipping address, contact information, and any repair or billing instructions with your covers)

If you purchased your covers from us recently, please send a copy of the purchase invoice with the repair shipment to qualify under our cover repair warranty. Our warranty on new cover purchases provides for 50% off any necessary repairs for one (1) full year from the date of purchase. 

About Our Cover Repair Services:


Price Per Hours         

Lead Time*

Repairing Holes or Tears in cover


1-2 weeks

Repairing or Replacing Zipper in cover


1-2 weeks

Replacing Cable 


1-2 weeks

 *Lead times above are for 1-3 covers. Please call for cover repairs of 4+ covers to receive an accurate quote.

Material Prices  

  • 120" black or white YKK® zipper $10.00  

  • Zipper pull w/ cable loop $5.00

  • Replacement cable $9.50  

  • Repair tape per roll $6.00  

  • Misc. per cover charge (thread and binding) $3.50  

Cover Laundering Services

Please contact Equip, Inc for recommended cleaning instructions if you do not wish to utilize Equip's laundering services. Washing your improperly cover could cause damage to the fabric, and is not covered under Equip’s warranty.*

*Please find more information about our cover care instructions on our FAQ page.

Equip offers cleaning services for your RMU and kiosk covers. If you would like a repair estimate to include laundry services, please enclose a note in the box with your covers.

Cover Laundering Pricing

  • Light-weight Wrap-around style $55.00/cover
  • Light-weight or Heavy-weight panel style $65.00/cover


Logo Printing for Custom Covers

Silk Screening and Full Panel Printing

Equip offers two types of printing services to help our customers market their company even while their displays and merchandise are protected. Equip can print images on all of our fabrics.

Click here for a slideshow of logo print samples! 


Logo Silk Screening

Logo Silk ScreeningCustom logo silk screening is a great option if you would like your logo on your retail security cover for identification and branding. Your logo can be silk screened on any of the fabrics we offer. 

We need the following information to procure a printing estimate:

1. Your preference of fabric type and color for your cover.

2. Your size requirements for the print.

3. The number of prints required.

4. The number of colors in the print.

5. Vector based artwork, preferably an EPS file, showing your logo or graphic as you want it printed. (Example: Adobe Illustrator file.)


Full Panel Printing

Full panel printing is the best option if you would like a large print of your logo or if you would like a full panel image on your cover.

Full panel printing uses a dye-sublimation process, which is much different than silk screening. This process is ideal for rendering photographic images on fabric. Polyester fabrics are required to properly print your image. You can choose from 5 different fire retardant fabric types. We have samples of the polyester fabrics for you to choose from.

The full panel printing process can accommodate a full color image and does not have sizing restrictions.

Full Panel Printing



"We’ve saved hours of labor each week by utilizing the Security Screen at our tanning salon which is open 24/7.  Since the tanning salon is not staffed 24/7, we previously had to remove the merchandise and secure it in storage.  Now, all the staff has to do is close the security screen, lock it, and they are finished!"

Custom Cover Fabric Selections 

Indoor and Outdoor Fabrics to Meet Your Requirements

Indoor Fabrics

210 Nylon

Our most popular indoor fabric this versatile fabric is to Fire Retardent, lightweight yet durable andbest suited for protecting equipment against dust and debris in indoor settings. If a slightly heavier fabric is needed, Equip also carries a 500D polyester fabric for indoor use.

We stock this fabric in Charcoal Gray, White, and Black. Custom colors available upon request!

Charcoal Grey 210D Nylon

Charcoal Grey

210D Nylon

Black 210D Nylon


210D Nylon

White 210D Nylon


210D Nylon


500D Polyester

Durable 500D is a great option when a more robust and abrassion resistant fabric is required.This is a good option for more static covers that remain in place and do not need to be removed and stored each nght. (This fabric is thicker and less compactible than our 210D and takes up a bit more room when being stored). If you need a tough fabric that holds up well to wear and tear this is a great indoor fabric option.

500D Polyester


500D Polyester

White 500D Polyester


500D Polyester


Outdoor Fabrics

Any structures that will be exposed to variable elements and temperatures may require outdoor fabric covers. A few products Equip uses outdoor fabric for include:

  • Outdoor Cart / Kiosk / Retail Merchandise Displays and Fixtures
  • Outdoor Construction Equipment such as Scissor / Aerial LIfts
  • Fitness Equipment Stored / Used on Decks and Patios
  • Outdoor Firepit, Grill and Cooking Space Covers
  • Equipment and machinery covers


For a great blend of outdoor protective quality and a durable, long lasting fabric weave we recommend our Speclok fabric. This material is water/mold/mildew/UV resistant and provides years of productive use in the elements. Available in a wide array of colors to meet your needs. We stock this fabric in black, navy blue, grey and tan and offer it in additional colors as well upon request. Happy to send you a fabric sample of our Speclok upon request free of charge just send us an email request with details of which color you would like a sample of!

  • Weather-resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Mold, Mildew Resistant
  Navy Blue           Tan            Black



 Our most weather resistant fabric for security covers is our proprietary "V-Care" material which we have custom woven to our specs. V-Care is a 9 oz. poly-vinyl fabric that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. V-Care is a malleable, satin finish fabric that makes it easy to take on and off units. V-Care is available in Grey and Black. V-Care offers many protective properties including:  

Black V-Care

Grey V-Care

  • Weather-resistant
  • Fire Retardant (meets CPAI-84 and NFPA-701 fire codes)
  • UV Resistant
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Anti-Static

Please see our FAQ page for detailed care instructions.



Equip also offers an outdoor fabric called Starfire, and as a 15 oz. poly-cotton fabric, it is the heaviest fabric Equip carries. While not as malleable as the V-care fabric, Starfire is known to be sturdy and lasting.

Starfire offers the following protective properties:

  • Fire retardant (meets CPAI-84 and NFPA-701 fire codes)
  • Water-resistant
  • Soil resistant
  • Mildew resistant

Because of its weight and stiffness, Starfire is best for covers that will stay on for long periods of time. A great use of the Starfire fabric might be for heavy machinery with sharp points, like a garden tiller, that will be stored for seasonal periods.

Black Starfire Outdoor Fabric


Pearl Grey Outdoor Starfire Fabric

  Pearl Grey


Cordura 600D Foam Padded

For specialty uses like storing fragile items and glass casing storage, our foam padded polyester is Cordura 600D Textured Polyester, a durable water repellent fabric that is both urethane coated and laminated open cell foam. This fabric is at .1875" thickness and the Cordura tricot backing ensures material durability during use. Available in Charcoal Grey. A few products that this fabric can be used for include

  • Modular kiosk glass case storage (when not in use)
  • Seasonal mall displays
  • Travelling displays during transportation

600 Cordura Foam Padded Fabric - Side View

Cordura 600D Foam Padded Poly - Side View

600 Cordura Foam Padded Fabric - Tricot Backing

Cordura 600D Foam Padded Poly - Tricot Backing

Special Order Colors

Equip is able to special order fabric colors for the 210D nylon indoor fabric and the outdoor Starfire. However, these special order fabrics are not treated to be fire retardant and will add additional lead time to orders. Please contact Equip at 719.599.0300 or to learn what colors are available.  



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