At Equip, we love working with wholesalers. We know the wholesaler is focused on solving problems for their customer and relish the opportunity to support them in that. We recently started working with a new wholesaler, American Solutions for Business.

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American Solutions for Business reached out to Equip, Inc. for covers for their client, a Toyota dealership. Their client needed to protect their valet carts and the computer and equipment on them overnight.

At Equip, we understand the importance of a reseller’s relationship with their customer, and we recognize that when a reseller sells one of our covers, our product is representing them as well as us.

Our team knew that a protective, lockable cover would act as an extra layer of security for the valuable equipment on the valet cart, while aligning with the client’s environmental branding.

Equip’s production team started on the design process. Because the cart is wider at the top than the bottom, the Equip team tapered the cover down under the shelving unit. The customer chose to have the cover at floor length with a little bit of extra height to accommodate possible future changes to the computer monitors on top of the valet cart. Since Equip’s cover frequently last for years, we supported this forward-thinking decision.

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Because the customer wanted black or charcoal grey as the color of their cover, Equip helped alter the logo design to be all red, so it would look striking against the background and be easily visible.

Adding logos can extend the lead time for covers, but because American Solution’s for Business’ client needed the security provided by the covers as soon as possible, Equip was able to expedite the order to ship in two weeks from the order date. Because of the hard work and dedication of the production team, the covers were able to ship another six days earlier!

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The customer loved the covers! We loved the striking design of the red on black logo, and the opportunity to build a great relationship with a new wholesale customer.

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