Ordering the Perfect Treadmill Cover to Meet Your Needs

Treadmill covers are designed to protect your treadmill from potential damage caused by water, debris, and dust while not in use. Choosing the best treadmill cover for your needs will extend the life of your treadmill.

Before ordering, think about the following questions:

  • Is the treadmill kept indoors or outdoors?
  • What will the treadmill need to be protected against?
  • What size does the treadmill cover need to be?
  • Is it important that the cover look fitted?
  • Is a security cover necessary?

Indoor & Outdoor Treadmill Covers

Indoor and outdoor covers use different material to protect your treadmill. An indoor treadmill does not require the same protection as an outdoor treadmill. And indoor treadmill cover often serves the purpose of preventing dust from accumulating, and thus, a lightweight fabric is a great option. Equip offers a 210D Nylon in White, Black or Charcoal Grey that is easy to handle and perfect for indoor applications.

If your treadmill is kept outdoors, you will want a treadmill cover that can resist the elements. An outdoor treadmill cover will be manufactured with a heavy material that is treated to protect the machine from the elements. Equip’s outdoor V-Care fabric for treadmill covers is water-proof, UV and mildew resistant, anti-static, and fire retardant.

Treadmill Cover Size

Treadmills come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Folding and non-folding treadmills require different shapes of treadmill covers to properly protect them. Determine the dimensions of your treadmill to ensure that the treadmill cover you order will fit properly.

Equip Inc. offers both standard and custom size fitness covers. Standard sizes are less expensive and will not be fitted to your machine. Featuring a drawstring, zipper and your choice of fabric, these covers will protect your machine, but do not offer a fitted appearance. Check out our standard sizes here to see if one will work for you!

Equip’s custom fitness equipment covers are made to your equipment’s dimensions for a slightly higher cost. Many customers feel that a custom cover is worth the extra cost to ensure a fitted appearance. We work closely with every customer interested in a custom cover to ensure that we gather the proper dimensions for a fitted and protective cover. 

Security Covers for Treadmills

A security cover may be a necessary option for you when deciding on a treadmill cover. A security cover comes with security cables in the bottom seam of the cover that lock to the zipper. These cables deter tampering by children, and even intruders. Security cables are not typically included in fitness covers, so let us know if security cables are needed!

Equip, Inc. manufactures both indoor and outdoor treadmill covers that meet the exact size of your treadmill and your needs. For additional information about treadmill covers, please contact Equip, Inc. today.