Custom Treadmill Covers Made to Your Specifications

It is our goal at Equip, Inc. to provide you with a treadmill cover that accurately fits the dimensions of your machine. Not all equipment manufacturers list the dimensions of their machines on their websites, and the dimensions listed can often be misleading. Similarly, some manufacturers only list a few of the measurements needed to design a fitness cover that closely fits the machine.

To help us create the best custom treadmill cover for you, we have described how to measure your treadmill so we can begin to generate a custom pattern for your machine. As always, please contact our friendly staff if you have any questions about ordering a custom fitness cover.

How to Measure a Treadmill for a Custom Cover

treadmill with measurementsCustom covers begin with three measurements: length, width and height. Custom fitness covers also require a few additional measurements to be factored in, and Equip will often ask for images of your machine so we can indicate which additional measurements we need.

First, measure the height of the treadmill at the front where the display is located. Make sure to measure from the lowest point to the highest point. Also measure the height of the treadmill at the back of the base.

Measure the width of the treadmill at the widest point. The widest point on a treadmill is usually at the front. It is a good idea to measure the width of the back of the treadmill just in case it is wider than the front.

Measure the length of your treadmill at the longest point. This measurement will most likely be the base of the treadmill where the track is located. It is also a good idea to measure the length of the arms of the treadmill near the display.

If you have any questions about measuring your treadmill, or about ordering a custom treadmill cover, please contact us. We are available during business hours at 719.599.0300.