Start Measuring for a Custom Folding Treadmill Cover from Equip Inc.

At Equip, Inc., we make custom and standard treadmill covers to protect both indoor and outdoor treadmills. Dust and debris can build up on your treadmill and cause damage to the electrical and moving parts over time. Our folding treadmill covers will prevent potential damage from occurring and keep your treadmill clean.

We design and manufacture folding treadmill covers based on the dimensions of your fitness equipment. Many manufacturers don’t list the necessary dimensions on their website for Equip Inc. to generate a custom treadmill cover pattern. Personally measuring your equipment and sending us the information will help us create a fitted folding treadmill cover for you.

Below is helpful information to assist you in measuring your folding treadmill:

How to Measure a Folding Treadmill for a Custom Coverfolding treadmill measurement guide

Equip Inc. always needs three dimensions to begin a custom folding treadmill design, the length, width and height.

For a folding treadmill cover, always measure your treadmill in the folded position that it will be stored in.

There are two heights to measure. The first height to measure is from the floor to the highest point. The highest point is usually at the end of the track. The second height to measure is at the front of the folding treadmill from the floor to the top of the display.

Measure the width of your folding treadmill at the widest point. The widest point may be at the base of the treadmill or the back of the track. Measure both to ensure you have the widest measurement.

Measure the length of the folding treadmill at the longest point. The longest point may be at the top where the track folds up. Measure from the end of the track to the back of the display and measure the length at the bottom of the treadmill to make sure you have the longest measurement.

If you have any questions about measuring your folding treadmill or about ordering a custom folding treadmill cover, please contact Equip, Inc. We are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am until 4:30pm at 719.599.0300.