Prepare your outdoor kitchen and fire pit for cooler weather now with these simple ideas to lengthen the life of your outdoor living space.

More homeowners than ever are extending living space into the great outdoors! Winterizing outdoor kitchen equipment, fire pits and patio furniture should be incorporated into fall home readiness plans. Use these maintenance and cover ideas to prepare your outdoor living space:

1)      Remove debris from the fire pit and cover your fire pit with a fitted weather resistant cover to keep moisture, leaves and critters out. Whether gas, propane or wood burning, round or square, fire pits are often the focal point of outdoor living and are often either built in or difficult to move and store. Custom fire pit covers like those from Equip, Inc are fitted to your fire pit dimensions, keep your outdoor fire pit covered, and are competitively priced!

2)      Turn off the water source to your outdoor kitchen and drain water lines (think ice makers, refrigerators and sinks) to prevent pipes from freezing, expanding, and bursting. also suggests leaving drain valves open to keep water from pooling.

3)      Wipe down surfaces – particularly those that may be porous like granite counter tops or have cracks and crevices prone to corrosion like gas stovetops. Cover outdoor kitchen equipment, furniture and fire pits to protect surfaces from wear as the weather turns unpredictable.

Custom outdoor kitchen covers and fire pit covers are a beneficial investment for any outdoor living space, particularly those kitchens and fire pits that are built into your living space. Tarps and non-fitted generic covers create the risk of fly-away, water leaks and piling leaves and debris due to improper fit.  A poorly fitting generic cover can cause as many issues as leaving your outdoor kitchen or custom fire pit uncovered!

All Equip, Inc. custom outdoor kitchen and fire pit covers are Made in the USA here at our shop in Colorado with the highest quality workmanship, materials, and customer service guaranteed. The team at Equip, Inc. proudly partners with you through the life of your cover.  We warranty our work for a full year unlike the competition, then offer repairs as needed at reasonable rates!

Request a free quote today and make sure your home winterization goals include caring for your outdoor kitchen and fire pit!