Pop up shops are a retail trend that have taken over small retail in Europe and Australia. This shop format is now making its way into shopping centers and malls in the United States.  Pop up shops need simple merchandise security solutions to prevent theft and tampering after hours. Equip, Inc. provides curtain barriers and security curtains to meet pop up shop retailer needs.

What is a pop up shop?

Pop up shops are stores that are set up and merchandised quickly, typically with a small batch of product on hand. Once that product is sold, the shop is shut down just as quickly and room is now available for a new shop. Typically between the size of a flea market booth and a shipping container (in fact, shipping containers are often an eco-friendly way for retailers to house their pop ups and merchandise), these small retail shops are ideal for individual artists and boutiques, testing customer interest in new trends, and seasonal products.

How does this affect malls?

Mall property management companies globally are beginning to recognize the benefit of pop up shops because the format bring new merchandise into the mall, luring shoppers in to check for new deals more often.  Pop up shops are also an answer to space that is not filled by long term tenants. Rather than that space sitting empty, it can be leased temporarily to pop up shop owners in micro lease agreements with little risk for either landlord or shop owner. With this growing trend, specialty leasing agents are preparing now for pop up shop lease management.

Pop up shops need merchandise security

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Because pop up shops are quickly opened and shut, they need simple after hours merchandise protection solutions that won’t break the budget. In addition to custom covers, Equip, Inc. offers two curtain options that can work to not only provide entrance security at a temporary retail space after hours but also to promote and advertise the shop within at the same time.

  • Security curtains and curtain barriers offer merchandise theft prevention by providing after hours protection of displays and merchandise via a barrier put in place over the entrance of the shop.
  • Curtains are easy to install and are designed to grommet in place, then roll to the side for easy, unassuming storage during business hours.
  • Security curtains feature the added benefit of security cables and locks placed at the bottom (and sometimes top, depending on design and need) of the curtain.

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