Custom Covers


Meet Equip, Inc. Your Custom Covers Experts!

At Equip Inc we’ve been designing and fabricating custom covers since 1999 for a wide range of industries and applications. We are experts at manufacturing covers that are durable and protective, look great, fit great, are user friendly and hassle free. Our goal is to make covers that exceed our customer’s expectations, which fit perfectly right out of the box, and are ready to be put to use!

How We Work

We typically start out by getting the overall dimensions and shape of the equipment to be covered. Often our customers will send us a photo of the equipment/item they wish to cover, other times they send us line drawings/schematics. Our seasoned team of professional seamstresses review the information and from there, design a cover with enough seam allowance to be installed and removed, yet remains fitted and secure.

Our skilled team of sewers focus on designing and fabricating covers that are cost effective and maximize fabric yields, thus keeping prices low for our customers. We typically perform a time study, especially for quantity orders, to verify all times and to ensure that the cover layout and pattern is as effective and economical as possible.

Because we specialize in fabricating custom covers, we are adept at doing “1-off” single unit orders for customers and can also scale up and produce covers in volume – economically, consistently, and quickly. We’re a very adaptable sewn products shop and can turn jobs over quickly for our customers!

If/when we have any questions we simply call or email our customers to verify whatever information is in question and maintain clear, easy communications.

Our Material Selections

Having produced thousands of custom covers over the years for a wide range of customers crossing many industries, we understand which materials to use based on application. Whether the customer requires an indoor or outdoor cover, and whether the cover will be subjected to extreme temperatures, require ventilation/mesh, have additional reinforcements at stress points or specific hardware and configurations, we have the materials, resources and capacity to product the best covers for the application required. We maintain the mill specs on our fabrics and can provide documentation pertaining to flame retardancy ratings/fire codes, as well as UV/Mold/Mildew ratings, anti-static properties, etc.

Please see below examples of just some of the custom covers we have produced over the years. Every project is unique, but with our combined years of experience we’re able to quickly determine the best materials and the best design to meet our YOUR unique needs.

At Equip we specialize in designing and manufacturing indoor and outdoor custom covers for any industry or individual requirement! We take each unique project and utilize our extensive knowledge in cover manufacturing to create a product that exceeds your needs yet meets your budgetary requirements.

Examples of covers we have fabricated for customers in the past include electronic kiosk covers for amusement parks, airports, stadiums, shopping centers, medical centers and more. We design and fabricate custom covers for technology companies, engineers and labs made to exact specifications. Below are a few examples of custom covers we’ve made. Call us to go over your project! We’re happy to offer a price quote free of charge and are happy to make prototypes / sample covers to dial in the design before going into production.

Custom Electronic Kiosk Covers


custom covers - electronic kiosk

custom covers - electronic kiosk

Lightweight Cover for School Display

Custom Silkscreened Cover for Car Dealership

If you have a custom cover project, please request a free quote and we will be happy to help you create indoor or outdoor security covers that meet your needs!

Custom Cover For Outdoor Piano/Community Art

custom piano cover