Electronic Kiosk Covers

Equip, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of electronic kiosk covers in the US.

We custom design and fabricate electronic kiosk covers for kiosk display manufacturers, retailers, airport operations and other public space owner/operators. Our electronic kiosk covers cover the entire kiosk display unit and include lockable security cables at the bottom to help protect against theft, dust and debris.

We offer many fabric options and can design covers to your exact display measurements!

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Equip, Inc. Electronic Kiosk Covers



Uncovered Outdoor Electronic Kiosk

Uncovered Electronic Kiosk

Electronic Kiosk Cover For Amusement Park Concessions
Outdoor Electronic Kiosk Cover
Electronic Kiosk Cover

Pricing and Sizing

  • Pricing is based on the dimensions of your kiosk and the fabric and features requested.
  • We need your fabric preference, and the length, width and height dimensions of your electronic kiosk equipment to start a custom cover design!
  • Get started on a custom cover for your electronic kiosk or electronic display today with a free quote!
  • Ask us about our quantity discounts and monthly promotions!


  • Our custom lockable kiosk covers can protect your electronic kiosk or display from potential harm caused by outdoor elements, dust, and tampering.
  • Zippers make cover install and removal easy and hassle-free!
  • We offer a range of indoor and outdoor fabrics to best meet your needs. Outdoor fabric allows you to protect outdoor kiosks from harsh weather and elements to deter damage.
  • Logo silk-screening is available!
“Just wanted to let you and the folks there at Equip, Inc. know that we received the covers this week and they are great. This project was definitely a learning experience for me and you guys were so helpful every step of the way.”

-Lockheed Martin

 Quality Covers, Guaranteed

Equip, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of custom covers for a wide variety of uses and industries. We know how important it is for our customers to have a cover they can depend on, which is why we offer a (1) year quality guarantee. Follow the link to learn more!