Fixture Covers

We offer custom fixture covers for any size/style/configuration of fixture or modular display unit.

Whether you are a fixture manufacturer, a retailer in need of custom fixture covers for your displays or an individual shop owner or exhibitor, Equip can design and fabricate custom covers to meet your specifications.

Typically all we need are the dimensions of your display units taking into account all shelving etc. to design your covers. We offer lockable covers that feature coated metal cables sewn into the hem for easy, convenient security after store hours.

We work together with fixture companies, retail stores and concessionares with locations in shopping malls, airports, sports stadiums, schools and more. On the retail store front our customers include Brookstone, HMS Host, The Paradies Shops, Westield Concessions Management, Delaware North, Caribou Coffee and more.

We would love to learn more about your projects and see how we can help with your custom security cover needs. No minimum qty’s – we’re here to help with prototyping and can do the single units as well, and when you need larger qty’s we’re able to deliver the covers you need when you need them.

If you need custom logo imprinting / silkscreening for your fixture unit or modular displays we can assist with that as well. Call us for a free price quote and further info. 719.599.0300

Lockable Display Cover

Custom Padded Fixture Display Cover

  Logo Silkscreening Examples for Covers We’ve Produced: