When you have expensive equipment that is not used or is stored for periods of time, it only makes sense to do whatever you can to protect that equipment. At Equip Inc. we make the equipment covers & custom lockable covers that protect equipment like yours – whether stored inside or outside.

The Problem

Sun, wind, rain, snow, humidity, heat, dust and dirt, tree sap, birds and other elements can wreak havoc on your expensive equipment. Vandals, curiosity seekers and people in general can cause great damage merely by messing with delicate controls.

Based on “attractive nuisance” judgements in the past, large pieces of equipment that are exposed may present big problems if left unattended and uncovered.

With these facts in mind, it just makes sense to protect and secure your expensive equipment. Our equipment covers can be an ideal way to protect your expensive investment for a small cost that will help prolong the functional lifespan of your equipment.

The Solution

We make covers for large construction equipment including scissors lifts, boom lift aerial work platforms and just about every other piece of equipment imaginable, large or small. Our equipment covers have sewn in cables which can be secured with a lock so you don’t have to worry.

We know what material to use for your industry and your needs. Equip, Inc. manufactures equipment covers in Colorado Springs, CO, USA for the best quality assurance and a competitive price.

Common Applications

  • Machinery Covers
  • Commercial Equipment Covers
  • Construction Equipment Covers
  • Retail Display/Kiosk Covers
  • Modular Display Covers
  • Temporary Installation Covers
  • And More!

Material Selection Options

For heavy equipment covers, we typically specify a 600D vinyl coated polyester fabric called Speclok. Speclok is treated to be water resistant as well as UV, mold and mildew resistant. Speclok is idea for harsh outdoor use and is offered in grey, black or tan, or custom colors upon request.

Another great material that we use is called Starfire®, a 15 oz. Poly-Cotton fabric that’s also water and fire resistant as well as UV, mold and mildew resistant. Starfire is available in Black or Pearl Grey, or custom colors upon request.

Depending on the application, we have other materials available.

210D Nylon (Standard Fabric)

Available in Charcoal Grey, Black and White

Coated in polyurethane, this fabric repels water and resists rips and tears. It has a denier of 210 and is easy to work with, lightweight, and incredibly versatile. Fabric is FR Treated in compliance with CPAI-84 and NFPA 701

500D Polyester

Available in Black or White

Medium-Weight Fabric- FR Treated in compliance with CPAI-84 and NFPA 701. Polyester fabric with a polyurethane back coating, water repellent and UV-resistant.

Based on your needs and budget, we will specify an ideal material for your equipment cover.

We Can Print Your Logo Or Message On Your Cover

For a small additional cost, we can print your logo or any other graphic on your equipment cover using a silk screening process or full-panel printing. If you store your equipment where the public can see it, your logo printed on the side can be a great marketing tool for your business, in addition to protecting the equipment beneath.

Price Quote/Ordering Process

We start with overall dimensions of the equipment to be covered as provided by the customer along with a photograph of the equipment to be protected if possible. Sometimes customers can send a dimensioned drawing or schematic – not needed but greatly appreciated!

We then determine the conditions under which the cover will be used – indoor or outdoor storage, temperature/moisture extremes, etc.

With the above information in hand, we can give an exact quote, along with an expected delivery date.

One Cover – Or Many, We Can Do It All!

Equip Inc. can make a one-off equipment cover or many, depending on your needs.  No matter the quantity, we always work towards the most efficient manufacturing process for the most economical cost combined with the highest quality possible.

Let’s Get Started Making Your Equipment Cover!

Give us a call today at 719-599-0300 or contact by email at info@equipinc.com to contact a product specialist to get your equipment secured as soon as possible!