How We Make Custom Covers

At Equip we offer custom cover design and fabrication services from our factory in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We are used to working with out-of-state and internationally based customers and are adept at determining how to design custom covers that fit great out of the box.

Email Or Fax Us Your Requirements

Often customers will email or fax us the measurements or schematics of whatever equipment they wish to cover. From there we determine what size and shape of cover will work for the application including whether to add zipper assemblies, extension panels, grommets or other hardware which will give the cover a secure fit, and also allow for easy installation and removal for the user.

We keep a selection of commonly used fabrics in stock and will help our customers select the right fabric(s) based on their application and whether the cover will be used indoors or outdoors. Click here to learn more about our Fabric Options. We also order fabric directly from the mills that we use if our customer requires special materials that we do not keep inventory of. We can typically bring in custom fabrics and/or specific colors within 1 – 2 weeks or faster depending on the requirements.

Small Quantities Or Large

As a US based sewn products manufacturer we offer our customer the freedom to order in small quantities (as few as 1 cover is totally fine!). Unlike overseas production which often requires“filling a container” and ordering in large volumes consistently, we produce all of our covers “made to order,” making it easy for our customers to order what they exactly need, when they need it.

After receiving all of the necessary information that we require from the customer including the size of their equipment to be covered and fabric requirements, we create a pattern which then becomes a “paper pattern” which is then laid out over the fabric. The fabric is cut along the lines of the paper pattern and can either be cut as an individual unit or “stack cut” for quantity orders allowing us to save labor time and cut all materials at once. We then sew the covers using our industrial sewing machines – we use JUKI and Brother models which are efficient and reliable, using durable thread. (We typically use COATS 69 thread.)

Oftentimes our customers will want to order prototypes or samples first to verify fit and finish –especially on a larger quantity order, and this is something we are happy to do and also encourage – providing the customer with added piece of mind. Our customers typically re-order covers from us and we maintain their patterns/information in our database so that we can easily reproduce the same covers in the future, when the need arises again for additional quantities.

We Can Work From CAD Drawings

Some customers will send us their CAD drawings and other customers don’t have formal specs. In those circumstances we are always happy to work with a photo of the object to be covered, along with the dimensions of that item and we can even send customers our “fill in the blank” line drawing sheet showing all the measurements we require in order to make a fitted cover for
their equipment.

Our goal is to provide a cover that fits great right out of the box and our designers will always ask questions if they are unsure of a specific dimension / angle on a piece of equipment. We don’t like to guess because that can often lead to a mistake and/or a poorly fitting covers, so we always ensure we have ALL of the information required to make a great fitting cover that will perform as intended and provide our customer with peace of mind knowing they have protected their equipment investment.

We Make Covers In The USA!

All of our covers are made locally here in Colorado Springs with a team of highly qualified and dedicated stitchers who take pride in their work. We offer a competitive wage and a work environment that encourages cross training, collaboration, open communication and mutual respect among our team. That’s how we make our covers here at Equip, Inc.!

Thanks for supporting our locally owned, locally staffed made in the US cover business!