As Equip’s President, Scott Mullens, was traveling on September 18th, he noticed innovative airport installations at the Denver International Airport that caught his eye. What he saw were tiny houses which were not the typical tiny house that has its own TV Show on HGTV. Instead they were tiny houses that actually had more than enough room for their residents- dogs! These were solar dog houses on display for the ‘Sustainable Barkitecture Dog House Competition’ happening Sept. 18th- October 9th. The dog houses are located between Jeppesen Terminal and the Westin hotel (more info here:

The houses are custom designed for members of the Canine Airport Therapy Squad with factors such as size and personality in mind. These sustainable dog houses not only have solar energy capabilities, but also are cozy, protective, and are built to fully accommodate the pup and his/or her needs. Some are even built with multiple stories! This cause uses energy efficient resources to support our furry friends all while improving the airport environment! Who knows, maybe Equip’s next big project will be supplying furniture and covers to dog houses!

Below are some photos which Scott took while at the airport which we thought might be fun inspiration for airport concessions people / anyone involved in airport management when considering innovative art installations for their own regional or international airport: