Lockable Covers

We specialize in manufacturing lockable covers for a range of equipment and retail applications.

Our lockable covers feature coated metal cables finished at both ends with copper sleeves, easily viewed in the lower photo at right.

How We Do It

We cut the security cables to size based on the dimensions of the equipment being covered to allow for a secure fit, then sew the cables into the hem at the base of the cover. The looped cable ends attach to a loop at the zipper assembly, allowing the customer to effectively lock up their equipment, merchandise, or whatever they are protecting!

Examples Of Our Lockable covers include:

  • Lockable RMU and Kiosk Covers
  • Lockable Fixture Display / Point of Purchase display Covers.
  • Lockable spinner rack display covers
  • Lockable outdoor equipment covers
  • Lockable patio furniture equipment covers
  • Lockable construction machinery covers
  • Lockable museum display covers
  • Lockable fire pit and outdoor kitchen covers
  • Lockable playground equipment covers
  • Lockable fitness machine covers
  • Lockable shoeshine stand covers
  • Lockable airport concession stand covers
  • Lockable stadium concessions covers
  • The customer can either use their own lock or we can supply a padlock upon request.

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