Interiors by Tony Pinero & Penha Duty Free in Curacao Airport 

Job Requirement:

Penha Duty Free stores are beauty product retailers in the Caribbean. A large part of Penha Duty Free business is done from stores in Caribbean airports, which means that there is a 24/7 hustle and bustle around Penha merchandise even after closing. Penha Duty Free is opening a new store in the Curacao International Airport Departure Terminal that will sell various items like fragrances, skin care, cosmetics, liquor, tobacco, souvenirs, and confectionery. Penha needed an easy way to keep all this merchandise secure after hours when there is still a heavy volume of traffic in the airport, so their interior designer, Tony Pinero, reached out to Equip Inc. to discuss merchandise cover solutions.

Special Requirements for Merchandise Covers:

The most important aspects of this project were ensuring the safety of Penha Duty Free employees and customization of their cover designs. Since the majority of Penha Duty Free employees are female and the displays are rather large or oddly shaped, it was important to guarantee easy enclosure and removal of the cover on the variety of merchandise displays, so that they could be reached by employees.


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Equip’s Cover Solution:

Since many of the merchandise displays were wall bays, which are much taller than the Penha Duty Free employees, or unique gondola displays shaped like boats and trees, Penha Duty Free made it a priority that these covers were not too heavy or difficult to put on. Tony Pinero, their interior designer, worked closely with the Equip design team to consider the weight of the fabric, the height of the displays in comparison to the employees, and options to hang the covers without risking employees falling in the process.


Tony Pinero and his customer at Penha Duty Free flew to Colorado Springs, CO to meet with the Equip design team and brainstorm the best ways to cover these displays easily and effectively. After deliberating with the Equip team and contemplating several options like stepstools for the employees, the final design featured a rail along the top of the wall over the bay displays that the cover would attach to for secure, sleek, and simple enclosure and removal.

Once designs were finalized, Penha Duty Free ordered 65 logo imprinted merchandise covers in several different sizes and styles to fit along the rails above their displays!

In addition to these more standard sized covers for their merchandise, Equip Inc. was able to manufacture custom covers for the boat and tree gondola displays to keep all store merchandise secure from theft, vandalism, and debris after store hours.


Summary of Custom Cover Project:

Equip Inc. always strives to provide our customers with cover solutions that are secure, durable, and customized to meet our customer’s specific needs. Retailers like Penha Duty Free face some unique challenges as they are located in airports with

high traffic after hours and have large merchandise displays that need to be covered. The Equip team worked in conjunction with the interior designer, Tony Pinero, and others at Penha Duty Free to create a line of custom lockable covers that effectively met their needs of safety and security.

In the end, Tony and the team at Penha Duty Free received their covers which fit correctly and allowed for easy installation. Equip Inc. is proud to have earned the opportunity to be the go-to vendor for Interiors by Tony Pinero and Penha Duty Free’s merchandise display covers.


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Customer Name: Interiors by Tony Pinero/Penha Duty Free Stores
Project Requirement: Merchandise Display Covers for Departure Terminal Store in Curacao Airport
Unique Requirements: Safety of employees & security of merchandise
Lead Time: 6 weeks manufacturing
Outcome: 65 logo imprinted merchandise display covers for wall units and custom covers for freestanding display units.

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