Lockable Covers for Retail Displays


Equip, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of custom merchandise display covers for all sizes and styles of retail fixture displays and merchandising units. We work with fixture display / POP display equipment manufacturers as well as retailers and tenants to provide custom cover solutions to meet YOUR needs. Our lockable retail display and fixture covers deter theft and protect merchandise from dust and debris. Our custom, fitted covers are used in shopping centers, airports, hotels, sports stadiums, school and other high traffic public environments. We offer indoor and outdoor covers in a range of fabric options to choose from.

We typically manufacture display covers to go over the top of your retail display and secure around the bottom of the unit with lockable security cables custom sized for your cover. We fabricate covers for a wide range of merchandise displays as well as “panel style” enclosures that zip together to extend and accommodate additional retail shelving / fixtures allowing the covers to be modular and flexible. Take a look at a few examples of covers we’ve made in the past for our customers. We offer private label services as well and can sew your company label/logo onto your covers upon request.

Equip Retail Merchandise Display Covers and Fixture Covers



Retail Merchandise Display Covers

              Tower Display Covers

Custom POS Register Covers

Pricing and Sizing

  • Pricing is based on the dimensions of the display and the materials required. Typically, all we need are the dimensions of your unit to begin designing your custom cover!
  • Equip can manufacture display covers for any type of fixture or merchandise display, including:
    • Tower Display Covers
    • Display Case Covers
    • Merchandise Rack Covers
    • Countertop Display Covers
    • Floor Display Covers



  • Equip uses fire retardant fabrics that meet CPAI-84 and NFPA-701 fire codes.
  • Optional self-storage bag for easy cover storage during business hours.
  • Comercial grade zippers ensure easy cover removal and display enclosure.
  • Security cables deter theft and tampering to protect your merchandise and display after hours.


“The cover I ordered from Equip was a perfect fit and the tenant could not be any happier!  They shipped our order sooner than expected, which is very much appreciated!”

–Global Management Solutions, Inc.

Need to order now?

As a cover manufacturer, Equip knows that sometimes you or your customers need a security cover right away. Check out our standard size locking table covers on Amazon to see if a standard size cover will work for you! We offer expedited manufacturing options and for a nomimal fee can often expedite turnaround of custom covers to meet short notice installation date requirements! Give us a call to request a quote and let us know your project needs.