Equip’s Services


Custom Cover Services

As a domestic cover manufacture based in Colorado, Equip can custom design covers to our customers exact specifications. Some unique benefits to working with a local sewn products manufacturer are that you have options for:

  • Fabrics/materials (denier, coatings, FR treatments etc.)
  • Hardware (zippers, buckles, snaps, grommets)
  • Logo Imprinting (we can print your company logo and/or images on a selection of fabrics for branding purposes
  • Custom labels (we can sew your label onto your covers for branding)
  • Custom Sizing / Adjusting. Because we design and manufacture our covers in the US
  • Comprehensive repair/mending services. We offer cover repair / mending. Simply ship your damaged covers to us and we can repair or replace the zipper assemblies, rips/tears, replace the cable assemblies etc.