Custom Airline and Airport Covers

We make custom covers that secure airport kiosks and concession stands, outdoor check-in stations and more. Upon request, we can imprint your airport or retail store logo onto your custom airport covers. In addition, we also offer heavy equipment covers including scissor lift covers, swayjack covers, de-icing machine covers and more. You name it, we can protect it!

Airport Check In Covers

Airport Electronic Kiosk Covers

Airport Retail Covers

Over the years we’ve supplied custom covers to airports including DFW, JFK, Dulles, Reagan, Charleston, San Diego, COS and more, as well as concessions companies such as Westfield Concessions and Delaware North. We have also served  retailers including HMS Host, Paradies, XpressSpa, BOSE and many more. Below are just a few examples of covers we’ve made for airports.

Featured Custom Airport Covers

Merchandise Covers at Penha Duty Free

Penha Duty Free ordered 65 logo imprinted merchandise covers in several different sizes and styles to fit along the rails above their displays.

Airport Check-in and Concession Covers

Equip provides custom check-in stand covers, electronic kiosk covers, and concessions covers to airports.

Equip Custom Airline and Airport Covers 

Equip provides custom covers for a variety of uses in airports. These inlcude curbside check-in counter covers, covers for concession stands, covers for electronic and traditional kiosks, travel retail/merchandise display covers, and more. We can also design and manufacture airline premier club/lounge covers, exhibit covers for art installations and modular exhibits, and custom covers for whatever additional items your airport needs to cover and secure! All covers are customizable and can even have your logo imprinted to help maintain brand identity!

Before & After – Airport Covers

Travel Retail and Duty Free Merchandise Covers

We provide merchandise display covers of all types and work with a variety of Duty Free and Travel Retail stores in airports globally. Our covers are lockable and durable to protect merchandise after hours from vandalism, theft, and debris! 

Intrusion Barrier

Kiosk Cover

Fixture Cover

Security Curtains

Check in and Electronic Kiosk Covers

Two essential components of controlling airport traffic are curbside check in counters and electronic kiosks. For instance, ounters and kiosks can help passengers get through the airport faster and cut down on lines. Whether it is a check-in kiosk or a border patrol kiosk for scanning passports, keeping these units secure and protected when not in use is important. Above all, this maintains quality and lengthens the life of the investment. We make both indoor and outdoor covers in order to keep curb side check-ins and kiosks safe no matter where they are stored. Our outdoor fabric is UV/Mold/Mildew and Water Resistant to properly protect outdoor equipment and displays. These covers can include a heavy duty zipper along the side for easy on/off. In addition, a security cable along the bottom will allow you to lock the cover in place during non-use hours.

Check In Counter Cover

Kiosk Cover

Check In Kiosk

Covered Check In Kiosk

Airport Covers for Concession Stands

We can help your airport by supplying durable protective covers for equipment and stands. Our covers will keep your equipment or stands completely enclosed and secure for years. Equip, Inc makes all sorts of Airport covers for display, kiosk, or retail standsand more. We’ve also produced indoor covers for concessions. Some retail locations typically stock and then unstock their stands to ensure nothing is stolen during closing hours. However, you can eliminate those extra steps with a custom cover. Look at an example concession cover above. We’ve done numerous sizes, and can work with you to design the perfect fit for you.

Airport Concession Stand

Airport Concession Cover

Grab and Go Concession

Grab and Go Concession Cover

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