Trade Show Covers

Exhibitors deserve to have a sense of security as they travel to shows around the nation. Equip Inc. can offer exhibitors a refreshing combination of security and convenience with security covers custom made to fit any exhibit.  These trade show covers allow exhibitors to leave their merchandise unattended and exhibits fully assembled when the exhibit hall is closed. Never again will they have to disassemble their booths each night, or worry about the security of their products while leaving the exhibit unattended.

Trade Show Booth Cover

Trade Show Demo Cover

Cover Self Storage Bag

Trade Show booths are an essential piece of every exhibitor’s set up. Company’s use their booth to display products, marketing pieces, branded merchandise, and more! Let us help make sure your displays are secure after hours and keep your merchandise protected, as trade shows can be rife with theft. We can help you by supplying durable, lockable, protective covers that keep your booth completely enclosed and secure.

Featured Custom Trade Show Project

Protecting Your Display Booth

If you travel to trade shows as an exhibitor, you know the importance of protecting your display booth. Exhibits span...

Tradeshow Demo Cover for Sunfolding Tech

Sunfolding wanted to keep their tradeshow demo covered and secured after expo hours to protect it when unattended. Sunfolding reached out to Equip for a custom cover solution.

Trade Show Covers for Displays and Demos

Many trade show exhibits also include other displays like TV screens, merchandise stands, and more. Equip provides easy and secure coverings for these displays! Some companies bring out demos of their products for trade show events. No matter the shape, size, or object – Equip can cover it all. From demos to booths, Equip secures exhibits so that exhibitors can have peace of mind after leaving the trade show. All Equip covers come with a built in storage bag for convenience. When compacted, it shrinks down to only 20 inches making it easy to remove, transport, and store.

Standard Lockable Trade Show Table Cover

Equip’s Trade Show Table Covers offer exhibitors the perfect combination of security and convenience with covers made to fit almost any table. These covers allow exhibitors to leave merchandise unattended, fully assembled and completely secure, by locking their items beneath the fold-over cover. 

Our table covers fold over your display table and easily zip closed to secure your items when you need to step away. The covers come in a carrying case and offer you simple protection, that promises to save you time and money. Each cover fits almost any table from 6 to 8 feet long. If your specific table has different size requirements, please don’t hesitate to ask us for a custom quote on your project!

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