Equip Your Truck With Our Custom Off-Road Light Covers

Equip Off-Road Light Covers for the ultimate in off-road light protection

We make our off-road light covers using a high quality outdoor fabric which is UV/Mold/Mildew resistant and add cords and cord locks to the make them easy to remove and install while keeping them snugly in place when in use. Available in black, charcoal grey and tan colors. Available in 6″ and 8″ sizes to accommodate standard sized Off-Road accessory lights from companies including Hella, PIAA, KC Lights and more. These covers also feature a soft, closed cell foam lining on the inside to protect your lights from road debris/rocks and such keeping your off-road lights in excellent working order for when you need them. We also offer CUSTOM AUXILLIARY / OFF-ROAD LIGHT COVERS designed for your specific lights. Just call or email us and we can design your custom accessory light covers to your specifications. We can also add additional features to you custom off-road light covers including extra foam padding, grommets to drain out moisture, custom logo’s/artwork to the front and other custom touches. We design and sew all of our covers in Colorado, USA and can turnaround your custom light or other truck cover requirements in as little as a week depending on our production schedule. Here are some photos of our 8″ Light Covers on Scott’s 1984 Toyota FJ60 Land cruiser. Scott has Hella 1000 auxiliary lights on his truck and used to have the plastic Hella covers for his lights but over time they cracked on the sides so he had to duct tape them onto his lights and eventually just had our seamstresses fabricate some custom covers which led to our now offering these lights. See photos below to show the style and fabric qualities of our off-road protective light covers. Ours are better and also less expensive than most of the options out there and they include 2 covers with the price – who has just one off road light? Okay, if you have one off road light, then  we are happy to sell you just one for half the price of two! We are a cyclops-friendly company!


8″ Hella Rally 1000 Light Covers in BLACK




8″ Hella Rally 1000 Light Covers in GREY


Top View of cover showing cord and adjustable cord lock