Equip's Custom Cover Services

Enhance Your Custom Cover

Equip wants to help you stand out while keeping your unit or products protected! Equip offers logo printing and repair services to improve the life and appearance of your covers.

  • Use your security cover as a marketing tool after store hours by printing your logo on your cover. Full panel prints will draw every eye!

Full Panel and Logo Silk-Screening

We offer full panel printing, as well as logo silk-screening, to allow our customers to showcase their brand even as their units are covered and protected.

  • Use your security cover as a marketing tool after store hours by printing your logo on your cover.
  • Full panel prints combine security with aesthetic value.

Cost Factors:

  • Set up fee for new customers
  • Quantity of prints [more prints is more cost effective]
  • Quantity of colors and color strength 
  • Size of print


Cover stored during store hours.

Full Panel Print

Cover protecting products after store hours.



Johnson Global Group recently purchased a cover from Equip, Inc. and discovered the benefits of a cover that combines security with aesthetics. Casey from Johnson Global shared his reaction to the results saying, “We’ve saved hours of labor each week by utilizing the Security Screen at our tanning salon which is open 24/7.  Since the tanning salon is not staffed 24/7, we previously had to remove the merchandise and secure it in storage.  Now, all the staff has to do is close the security screen, lock it, and they are finished!”

Cover Repair Services

Equip, Inc. also offers cover repair services to extend the life of our customer’s covers. We will repair covers no matter who made them! Repair prices are based on labor time plus the cost of materials. Simply ship your damaged cover(s) to us with instructions detailing what you would like fixed, include your contact information, and we will contact you with pricing and payment options.

Equip, Inc. can repair and replace:

  • Tears
  • Broken Zippers
  • Broken Cables



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