Colorado Restaurant Association Equip Inc

I just got back to the office after day three of the Colorado Restaurant Association’s annual board meeting and member meet and greet. I really enjoyed meeting the great people who make up the organization. They were so warm, welcoming and receptive and it was great to just hang out, laugh and enjoy some good food and drinks together. The first night’s reception was at the Golf Club building, the second night we shuttled over to the Cheyenne Mountain Lodge and this morning’s breakfast and board meeting was at Broadmoor West.

I met some really interesting Colorado Restaurant owners and loved hearing their stories. Operating a restaurant is no easy feat, but this was a seasoned and professional group of folks who really understand how to successfully operate a restaurant. The Colorado Restaurant Association Staff were all super nice and accessible and never hesitated to make an introduction or offer some great insights from the years of service in the industry. I have a lot of respect for the work that the Colorado Restaurant Association and the insurance side of the CRA does to advocate on behalf of local restaurant owners and to make sure that their voices are heard and their members are well served. Equip is a new member of the CRA and we look forward to being an active, engaged member and participating in as many events and meetings as we can. So far so great!

If you are a restaurant owner in the Colorado area, give us a call! We’d love to be your FFE resource.

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